Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Urban Rain Spats and Springtime

Ohhh, the intoxicating sights and smells of spring.  With spring in the Pacific Northwest comes more rain, bikes and skirts.  For me, I found myself inspired to make a knee-high spat AND for the wee one, a dino-themed spat; both with classic snaps up the side.  I used a technical fabric for the outer that is breathable & waterproof with a Lycra lining that wicks moisture.  A lil elastic at the top helps keep the spats in place and reflective piping increases visibility.  I have also played around with laminated cotton, vintage fabrics, wool, and tweed. Check them out!  Available through my Etsy Shop.

I don't mind the rain, but I do mind the muck.  The beauty of a spat, they protect you from that muck and peal off easily enough to reveal dry and clean boot, leg, pant or legging.  The knee-high spats are super cute with skirts. 

Next in the works... rain poncho that is bicycle friendly.  Become a fan on Facebook to keep up with this one-woman show and what fantastical and practical handmade clothing I am making. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crafty Bicycle Ideas

Wow, some time has passed since I last blogged, and boy have I been busy in the land of kiddo.  Alas, I have been creating along the way and just haven't had time to share with you, until now.  For your viewing pleasure, I have some crafty bicycle ideas that might just suit your fancy.

First, I have a SUPER simple project that involved a glittery pinwheel and tube sewn from upholstery fabric.  I glued the tube onto the bike to hold the pinwheel in place.  I'm likin' my new bicycle bling, adds visibility and style!  What do you think? 

The last photo is of my wee one having a afternoon snooze on the way home.  Love that the Bobike seat has wrap around protection for his head, but does little to keep his head from flopping around if he decides to take a nap on the bike.  I stitched up this bike seat wrap, to be like a hammock, for his head and helmet while we are cruising.

So there you have it, two easy craftastik projects for bicyclist that wanna peddle in style.  With spring upon us, have you done something crafty to your bike, as the weather beckons us to bike more?  Do share!

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