Sunday, November 3, 2013

Civia Halsted, Cargo Bike of Sorts

I recently moved to the biking mecca of the USA and have to say I am really enjoying myself on my two-wheeled beast of a bike, Civia Halsted that I purchased at Joe Bike in Portland, OR.  This is an everyday hauler with a frame-mounted front rack that can hold various awkward objects.  It's a utility bike that is much smaller and lighter than most cargo bikes.  It's my station wagon.


Cargo Bike Love

It's a cycle truck with the basket connected to separate tube from the handlebars; meaning basket stays in place when you are turning & moves with the body of the bike, not the handlebars.  Notice the 20" wheel in front and 26" back wheel. The smaller wheel is stronger and has a lower sense of gravity, so it can take the weight and aids in stability. It's basket is rated to hold 50 pounds but I've probably carried 75 without issue.  Once loaded down, it can become the tiniest bit wobbly in the steering and the bike just glides. It's a super pleasant to ride and a decent price to boot. 

I've attached a Bobike Maxi Tour on the back of the bike.  I can tell you that having the extra head protection is worth it!  Darn bike tipped over with me & Lil Guy. It was my mistake, I felt so bad. He was a little shook up but completely protected.  It did a good job of cradling his body.  His helmeted head would have slammed against the concrete.  Found out how thankful I was for the added protection and it became a learning moment for mama.

The one drawback with this bike, it doesn't travel well on the Max Train AND I haven't been brave enough to try the bus yet.  For a bike capable of carrying cargo, it's relatively light and kind of amazing that I could get it hooked on the Max to begin with.  Of course I have to unhook the child seat and keep my goods in a tub to make all of this possible.  Maybe I just need a FlyKly Smart Wheel to electrify the bike & I wouldn't mind being loaded down and commuting 20 miles or so.

I've cut down on the amount I drive big time.  More than that, I get a sense of joy when I am pedaling to my heart's content.   The world isn't whizzing by quite so fast and my senses are alive.  

Stay Tuned for more bike accessory fun...

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