Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toddler Bike Seat Reupholstered Bobike for Kiddo


Toddler Bike Seat Redone

It has been awhile folks and I am coming back with something bicycle craftastik.  I recently found a great deal on a Bobike Maxi Tour child seat for the kiddo. We are Portland, Oregon bound and very excited about utilizing bikes as our made mode of transportation.  So expect more DIY bicycle projects in the future.  I digress... I didn't care for the pink cushions and decided to take a go at changing them up.

I used an outside upholstery fabric that I knew would stand the test of time and be easier to clean.  LOVE this chevron and ocean blue stripes and so did the kiddo.  Lil Guy says, "Let's pick out some moooore fabric".  Haha, we could have gotten in trouble together but stopped there.

As you can see, I used the cushion that came with the Bobike to adhere the fabric too. Definitely some things I learned along the way and would do a bit differently next round.  Like, I thought I would like a tiny bit of pink trim to be seen on the cushion and I have to say, I am not a fan.  Would change up the pattern a bit.  I would also use more adhesive to keep the fabric flat and stuck to the cushion. 

I worked on it late at night and didn't get that many great pictures of the process.  Would love to make a tutorial with pictures and step by step directions if someone wants to send me a Bobike cushion to use? Leave a comment or click on my contact info and give me a holla.

Keep it craftastik y'all and don't forget to visit my for regular Miss Ladyfingers' happenings.