Monday, April 29, 2013

Handmade Gifts for Boys

Found myself needing to whip up a birthday gift the day before our wee one had a party to go to.  I was racking my brain as to what I could make.   As I began my search, I found some nifty handmade gifts for kiddos.  I think any of these DIY gifts would work great for girls too!

Handmade Gifts for Boys

 *  Fort Kit

Alas, I settled on a Hot Wheels Car Wallet.  For my version, I was inspired by My Happy Hobbies Car Wallet on Etsy.  She has some seriously practical and stylish products for the kiddo, worthy of checking out.  If I had more time and/or money, it would have been worth purchasing from her shop.  She has really put more time and thought into a better constructed car wallet.  I like how there is ample room for the cars & looks sturdy enough to throw into your purse. 

Hot Wheels Car Wallet


I was very happy with the results of what I came up with. In fact, I want to take another go at it for my wee one.  Makes the perfect travel companion for kids & if Lil Guy is content when we are out and about, I am one happy mama.  Definitely things I would do differently next round, like use batting or plastic canvas of some sort to make it sturdier?   Also, need to make sure I place the fabric right side up so the images aren't upside down... haha!

Made with a bamboo fleece that I hand dyed marmalade orange, purple & blue Enchino Car fabric, and organic cotton Cloud9 peachy primal stripe fabric.  Snaps shut.


Kiddo loses interest in cars?  No problem, just switch them out with something else, like crayons.  Even has a stash pocket to put some paper. Oh the possibilities!  Alrighty, stay craftastik all!  AND don't forget to "Like" Miss Ladyfingers on Facebook and follow on Pinterest.

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