Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fluffy Fluff Sensory Play Activity for Kids

I have redoubled my efforts to find more sensory based projects for my wee one and wanted to share with you.  In fact, I made a trip to a craft and grocery store for items needed for all sorts of sensory play activities for kids during the creative month of March.  Join me on Facebook, as I will be posting fun photos documenting what happens when messy meets Lil Guy.

Sensory Play For Kids In Action 




Fluffy Fluff Directions and Reflections :

Basically dump ingredients in a large container and let the kids have at it!  Eventually, when it is mixed thoroughly with their exploring hands, it will stick together like snow and crumple just as easily.  Lil Guy played for a couple of hours and could have kept playing.  He just needed to wash up and eat some lunch. 

Clean up took 14 minutes.  Lil Guy rinsed the Fluffy Fluff off of his toys in the sink,while I began to start scraping Fluffy Fluff off the surfaces into the bin.  This worked out beautifully as it kept him in one spot while I cleaned up. After scraping, I wiped down the chairs, table and then began to sweep up the mess very easily.  I will say, I would NOT do this on a carpeted surface.  Once everything was swept, I whipped out the wet mop and did a quick glide over the surface to get everything really clean.  You could also use a sponge if the mess was more contained.  Definitely worth the two hours I had to peacefully  make lunch, clean and tidy the house. I also had a lid for the bin I used and can easily store Fluffy Fluff for future use.

What sensory play ideas do you have?

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