Monday, January 7, 2013

Sew Craftastik with Ms. Santa

So y'all know how busy I have been making all sorts of handcrafted gifts for the holidays from my Simplify the Holidays post.  Boy was it an adventure with plenty of challenges!  I am happy to say, that I learned much, enjoyed the journey and came out successful in the end.  That was also why I disappeared from blogging.  A mama can only do so many things, so it was quiet in the blogosphere for awhile.

With a New Year upon us, I look forward to the possibilities and where my creativity will take me.  This year I want to build upon what I learned last year.  I am hoping with the familiarity I will become a better juggler and thus bring you more craftastik DIY projects.  I'm particularly keen on re-purposing right now. Anyhoo..

Fruits of My Labors.. Made with LOTS of Love


The Amigo Doll was a true labor of love.  Being that I had never taken on such a project, there was a definite learning curve.  I am happy that allowed for PLENTY of time so I could slowly but surely do little bits of it here and there, mostly in the evenings after Lil Guy went down.  I definitely hit a wall when I realized the head was WAY to small for the body I had just sewn and stuffed.  I thought for half a second a shrunken head doll wouldn't be too weird?  Heh!  Decided that wouldn't work so much and had a mini freakout. Took a second to realize I could trust myself to figure this out. In the end, I took the stuffing out of the body and made a smaller one out of that fabric that was more proportionate to the head. Instead of a 16" doll I made a 12" doll. 

I was wondering what the heck happened?  I couldn't tell you to be honest.  Maybe the head became more compact when adding the layers of fabric and tying the strings to create the shape?  I swear I measured that ball of wool multiple times what I thought was the right measurement? I did think a few times it looked a little small.  Just goes to show you to trust your gut in those situations.

The doll is made with organic cotton fabric from This Child of Mine.  In fact,  I bought most of my doll making supplies from there.  Wool is what I used to make the head and stuff the body.  One of my favorite personal touches is a rose quartz heart infused with love from his mama, papa and buh-buh.  Crocheting was something unfamilar to me and I was really pleased how the wig cap turned out.  I used a big loop mohair boucle yarn that turned out perfect for his lil fluff head.  I will tell ya, my stitches aren't perfect and I could have used a darker thread, but I am okay with that.  I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Of course you cannot have a doll without clothes!  As you can see, I had a lot of fun with this.  I couldn't help but make a lil bandana droolie bib for the babes and Lil Guy has one to match! He's really into cars too. Made from some remnant pieces of blue car fabric and organic terry. The cloth diaper is made with blue Squiggle Cloud9 organic cotton with a bamboo flannel that I hand dyed a marmalade orange.  Overalls made from some denim I had laying around and... shirt with a organic cappuccino and cream buffalo check sleeve with the body made from Heather Ross's, Piggies fabric; a cotton/linen blend. One well-dressed dolly.

Last but not least, the reversible hooded cape!  I definitely ran into some road blocks with this project but very happy with the results, and, more importantly... Lil Guy LOVES it!  I started with some fabric that is 60% silk and 40% hemp.  Elegant like silk, yet fortified with the strength of hemp.  I wanted something that would withstand the abuse of a kid.  I divided my fabric and dyed one half a marmalade orange and the other half mermaid blue.  Once my fabric was ready, I went to cut out the pieces and realized I didn't have enough fabric.  An, "oh no!" kind of moment.  I went in and altered the pattern to work with the amount of fabric I had.  I also had patched some of the cut pieces of fabric together to make large enough pieces for the hood.  I used the patched together fabric on the hood and actually think it adds some character to it.  I also made the hood a bit larger to fit my sons extra large head.  It will give him some room to grow and I like how you can fold it back.  Definitely in the style of a wizard, or perhaps a gnome? 

Craftastik Happenings:

* Making more re-purposed pre-fold training pants & perfecting    the pattern. Dream of a heavy duty machine to be able to make these these to sell in the shop.  
* Re-purposing a pink cashmere sweater into a piggy hat for Lil Guy per his request. 
* DIY travel entertainment for Lil Guy.  Would love suggestions!
* Knitting a scarf for Big Guy.  It is kind of moving along slowly.
* Pillow tote strap.  So many times I have had to take a pillow with me on my travels only to clutch onto it with my hands.  I would love a strap to make it easy to sling over my shoulder leaving my hands free.

What's Healthy:

* Sprouted Black-Eyed Peas were had for the New Years.
* Fermented Ketchup sounds very intriguing.  You will find TONS of great fermentation information & recipes here.
* Rejuvalac for my nut cheeze.
* Cashew Cheddar Cheeze experimentation FüD inspired.
* Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Butter Blend for the teeth.
* Experimenting with a more gluten-free diet and exploring how that feels. 
*  GARDEN FRESH VEGGIES!  Let the spring garden
planning begin!!!  Can you tell I am excited?  Hah!

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