Monday, October 1, 2012

Studio Time and What is in Store

Presently I sew out of a shoebox.. err.. laundry room.  I make a lot of stuff for my family unit and make handcrafted goods to sell.  I have outgrown the laundry room and I need a dedicated space for craftiness.  Luckily we have the perfect space in our home that will be able to house Miss Ladyfingers' studio.  Painting has commenced and I recently got my Ikea on!

I have to say, we have our work cut out for us.  Looking at the photo, you can see just how cluttered up the space is.  I am working with a larger space that will include a guest bed, cutting table, sewing table, a craft table for Lil Guy, and nice rug for playing space.  I also imagine a cozy corner with instruments in reach. Will be utilizing shelving and baskets for storage and organization.  Look for a future post on white fabric that I will attempt to dye and sew enough curtains for five windows.  So ya, lots to do.

What I envision is a space for creative energy and yet somehow restful for the guests that will sleep there.  This also needs to be done on a budget. Hence, my journey to Ikea and the many DIY projects that will unfold.

Join me on my journey of studio transformation.  Friday's post will be about a fun Ikea hack for your wee one!

Currently on my sewing table:
* A pair of monkey spat pants using pattern from here.
* Fox costume using this pattern.
* Manly cowl scarves for my Etsy shop.
* Working on a pattern for a cozy hat.


  1. You are so awesome Amanthus. You are soooo my crafty mama role model. I <3 you!