Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meanderings on PDF Patterns & Woodland Fox Costume

Tis the season for hot toddies, oh yes it is. That is what I am doing as a I type these words.  Sipping on my toddy and soothing my throat.  I was really striving for a Monday post, and it just didn't happen folks.  It has been a crazy, crazy weekend of the never ending super cold.  We just keep on fighting through it with herbs and that is exactly what the doctor told us to keep doing today.  I mean, it's been over a week people?!?!  Still the pumpkin patch eludes us.

What I was able to do is finish Little Guy's foxy Halloween costume. Made this with a rusty red cotton flannel and ivory organic cotton fleece remnants. One down, two more to go!  The Woodland Animal Costume pattern I found at Running With Scissors is just lovely.  Oh how I love PDF patterns! If I want to make a different costume for him next year, or perhaps just a play costume in a different size.. I  can and probably will.  

I think that is why I prefer PDF patterns.  Sure.. it can kind of be a pain in the butt to cut out all the pieces and tape them together, AND  it is costly to use ink to print out the pattern and directions BUT seriously, you can buy ONE pattern in multiple sizes and just simply print out the pattern pieces each year when you need to size up.  No need to trace the pattern pieces onto Swedish tracing paper (which I love by the way for making my own patterns) and THEN cut out. Or buy a paper pattern and you STILL have to cut it out. Plus, there are a lot of cute PDF patterns out there.

Two Most Recent PDF Patterns Purchased

* Ben & Mia Pants with Pockets for Boy and Girl - 12 months to 6 years, from Lily Bird Studio.  I need to start scouting out thrift stores for size super large cords and other fun pants to repurpose using this pattern.  These look like a great all-around kind of pant.  Elastic waist will be nice during the potty training years. 

* Undies from Kitschy Coo that I plan on using bamboo interlock to make.  I need to dye the bamboo first.  These look super comfy and I am wondering if I can make a pair for me!  I'm also thinking of training pants.  Oh the possibilities with this pattern!


Currently on my sewing table:

* A pair of monkey spat pants using pattern from here. Using a brown French Terry, soy/organic cotton blend.
* A pair of spat pants made with Merino wool jersey that I dyed using a hot dye bath.
* Cross-over tee using same fabric above. Pattern from, "Growing Up Sew Liberated".
* Manly cowl scarves for my Etsy shop.
* Cozy hats from a pattern I am working on.
* Merino wool jersey,  light weight diaper cover.  We shall see how the first cover turns out.

So ya.  I am a crazy sewing fool!  Have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for an road trip to Raleigh to visit with fam and a trip to the North Carolina State Fair.  This week will be about figuring out some fun stuff for Little Guy to do for a four hour car ride there and back.  Plus, where to stop and let off some steam?  AND when the heck can we get to a pumpkin patch?  I still have a couple autumn crafts on the back burner that I hope to share with you soon.

Hope everyone has a craftastik week!


  1. Is the fox costume or pattern for sale?

    1. You can find the Woodland Animal Pattern at Running With Scissors' blog, link provided in post above. Pretty adorable pattern!