Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire Starters You Can Make Yourself

What did I do this weekend?  I took care of a little sickie and made fire starters.  I thought Little Guy was recovering from having a nasty fever and feeling crappy earlier in the week but nope.  He started getting this nasty cough and runny nose.  So suffice to say, lots of snuggling, booger wiping and exercising mama love last week.  I also was able to use up all the dryer lint I have been collecting over the past few weeks and make my fire starters.   

I made the fire starters from lint, paper egg cartons and wax.  I  used various remnant pieces from old candles I had been saving and a box of paraffin wax.  I'm not too keen on the paraffin but I had some, so why not use it up?  Plus, bees wax is expensive.  Will start saving all the leftover wax for next year and maybe I will have enough?  Lint was no problem.  I saved enough in a few weeks from two egg cartons.

You simply stuff the lint into the cups of the paper egg cartons.  What a brilliant way to give purpose to something that was useless and into went into the trash or recycling bins.  Cups stuffed, you are ready to pour hot wax onto the lint.  Once you see that the lint has absorbed the wax, you will know to stop pouring.  I would also recommend to do this on a papered surface as it can be a little messy.  All you need to do now is wait for the wax to harden.

The next day I tore mine apart easily and stored then in a glass jar. It was also a chilly Sunday morning and I just couldn't resist getting a fire going in our wood stove and trying out the new fire starters.  Let me tell you, they work great!  You only really need half of one too.  Will be nice when we are out of kindling and I can't go outside and collect sticks to get the fire going. Or when I don't have time to mess with getting a fire started in the morn.  These babies would also be PERFECT for camping trips.  Coupled with a good amount of kindling and one of these, I don't doubt they could get damp wood going.

So ya, that was my weekend.  Didn't get much sewing done this week :(  I am hoping next week is better because I have a lot of projects to catch up on and a couple of custom orders I have to get made.  Halloween is also around the corner.  What!  How the heck did that happen?  Need to make Lil Guy's fox costume.

I am dreaming of a pumpkin filled week. Stay tuned for visions of orange and all that is autumn this week.  Should have some fun stuff to share with you on Friday.  Have a craftastik week everyone!


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