Thursday, October 11, 2012

Featuring: Worthy Goods & Her Organic Textiles

It has been another week of quarantine and missed autumn outings.  I did not get to fulfill my dream of visiting a pumpkin patch or do anything terribly crafty.  I did however collect some vivid colored fall leaves for a future special project.  Once this mama is feeling better I shall make something inspired by the season and share with you.  Perhaps Monday shall be fun day? What I WILL be sharing with you today is one of my favorite places to find quality organic textiles.

She has  a nice collection of yummy organic fabrics to choose from.  You know me, I'm all about sustainability and Earth happiness.  One of my favorites is a SUPER soft and thick cotton Sherpa domestically woven and is Global Organic Textile Standard certified.  The possibility of cozy accessories are endless using this fabric.

Don't feel like making something?  Not only does she sell fabrics she also makes some cozy looking hats for all, fashionable babywearing slings and more. You can check out her Worthy Goods etsy store here.  

After you are check out her fabric, hurry on over to her blog and enter into her, Surprise! Organic Fabric Giveaway Contest. 

Here's wishing for a healthy and craftastik weekend folks!  I'm always interested in seeing what other people are making out there and love it when they share.  You can find Miss Ladyfingers on Facebook or shoot me an email if you are so inclined.  Also, SUBSCRIBE to my blog. 


  1. *blush* Thank you for such a fine feature, Miss Ladyfingers. It's not hard to fall in love with that organic cotton sherpa, is it? So sorry you are feeling under the weather, rest up this weekend. Hot tea, feet up, cozy blankets and all that business. Here's hoping you are back to yourself next week.

    1. You bet! It is NOT hard to fall in love with a lot of the fabrics you have.. heh. Thanks for the well wishes.