Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Arts & Craft Table for Kids on a Budget

I love this arts and crafts table Ikea hack found on Martha Stewart's website here. When I saw this, I knew I had to make one myself.

You can find a comparable table at Pottery Barn for 239.00; Carolina Grow with You Table Craft Table.  My cost, approximately $52.00 including shipping and tax.  Granted, mine does not grow, nor does it have drawers.  I also imagine the craftsmanship and materials are probably of higher quality than the LACK Table.  Still though, I will go with the $52.00 and I bet you I can figure out a way to "grow with him"... just you wait.  Plus, it has a shelf space you can utilize the amazing lazy susan for art supplies.  On the Martha Stewart's "Decorating Kids' Spaces", I liked the idea of the caddies hanging from the wall from thin strips of wood but went with a bar screwed in to the wall with anchors to hang organizational cups for supplies.  I think the Lil Guy might rip the lattice off the wall.  Cool in theory, but I dunno if that would work around here.

For This Project You Will Need:
 * Gooseneck Barrel Brackets, one pair (with 2" clearance) for 11.00 plus shipping at Ann Wallace
*  Screws that came with kit.
*  Drill and bits
*  Pencil
Mala drawing paper roll for 4.99 at Ikea.
LACK Table for 19.99 at Ikea.
*  Yarn, something I had.

The tricky part was figuring out where to place my brackets.  It was just me, so having only two hands I did my best.  It was important to have the brackets spaced just right, so I could put the roll of paper on and have them be close enough to be able to have the roll stay on.

Like I said, placement of your brackets is important.  As you can see in the photo, I didn't quite get it right the first time. My mistake, your triumph.  Luckily, I could move the bracket over just enough and not expose the oops holes. It is important to place the brackets 5/16" from the edge.  The roll of paper seems to stay on okay if you don't have a crazy toddler trying to rip it off. You can place the brackets at desired height on the end of the table. I placed mine lower and rested the bottom of the bracket right on the edge.  That way I didn't have to worry about using a leveler.. hah! 

The last thing you need to do is tie a piece of yarn around the opposite end of where you installed the brackets.  This will allow you to tuck the end of the paper and keep it from moving around when your kiddo is getting his art on.  In the Martha Stewart post, the lady used a piece of lattice.  There wasn't a piece of thin wood to be found at our house.  String seems to work just fine, and you can easily change it out once it gets grubby from all the art gook!  No worries about having to get under a piece of wood.

Now you are ready to put the roll of paper on the brackets, pull out a piece of paper and draw!  The roll will slip off if you are not careful.  I unscrewed the ends of brackets once paper roll was on, to extend the length a bit and keep the roll on better.  Perhaps I will keep my eye out for a tension rod that will fit?

All-in-all, it is a great lil' table and I am very happy with the outcome.  Will have to check back next week and see what goodies I fill his cups with and what I will stack up on that lazy susan.  Little by little my studio is coming together.

Currently on my sewing table:
* A pair of monkey spat pants using pattern from here.
* Fox costume using this pattern.
* Manly cowl scarves for my Etsy shop.
* Working on a pattern for a cozy hat.

Ya.. it is the same from last week.  Sick babes for a few days this week and that makes it very hard to get anything done but love on my nugglet until he feels better.  We shall see how next week goes?  Hope everyone has a splendid weekend.  Stay craftastik!

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  1. Cool idea :) I may have to try this once Isla gets a little bigger. Thanks for posting all the pictures. Great illustrations!

  2. Thanks! Can't take the credit for the idea but definitely worthy of making and sharing. If you do make, you will have to let me know how it turns out.

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