Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcyled Sweater Mittens

The leaves are starting to fall, the air is crisp and I am craving pumpkin spice everything.  Change is afoot as we say goodbye to summer and transition into Autumn. What a magical time of the year.  Wanting to envelop myself in all that is cozy, I found myself inspired to make a pair of mittens from the cashmere sweater that just keeps on giving.  I had enough wool fabric left from a couple of sweaters to make a pair of mittens for the lil guy.

I found this great tutorial and pattern at Purl Bee for "Felt Mittens with Knitted Cuffs" for adults. I  do not know how to knit, so I just used the ribbing of the sweater for the cuffs. To size the pattern down I used my handy dandy see-thru ruler and marked dots 3/4 of an inch in around the pattern.  After I was finished, it was just like connect-the-dots without the numbers.

This was an experiment and it ended up that I needed to take more off the top, as they were too long.  Thankfully it was easy enough to remedy. I also probably could have taken a bit off the bottom too, but I wanted them to fit further down his arm, so they would have a chance of staying on and tucking nicely under his jacket sleeves.  I will definitely be using the little guy's hand as a guide for future gloves though, to get the perfect fit right off the bat.

The finished product is a cozy pair of mittens for cute lil hands.  I will definitely be keeping my thrifty eye out for cashmere sweaters, I think I need a pair too!  I will admit, they aren't the prettiest pair of mittens but they are the first pair I have made.  It was a bit difficult to work with the felted cashmere.  It wasn't easy to sew due to the stretchiness, I even used a walking foot.  Jersey is by far easier to sew. I imagine the  felted wool used in the Purl Bee tutorial would be MUCH easier to work with and sew.  Still though, the vivid orange and black combo are pretty rad, even if they are more square than rounded.  I think their imperfection is perfectly fine, just as long as they keep the lil guy's hands  this fall.

How do you reuse stuff to make  items for your family?  What do you like to make?  I am looking for a good gluten-free play-dough recipe.  I have to say I am curious.  Stay tuned for some more Miss Ladyfingers love.  I see Autumn craft projects in the future. 

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