Monday, September 17, 2012

My Obsession for Stylish and Practical

I enjoy making things with my lovely lady fingers and have come up with some pretty nifty handcrafted goods for myself and my fam.  I started to ask myself, "If they work for us why wouldn't they work for others?".  That is when I decided to pursue the path of craft.

Drool Bandana Bibs to cut down on all the laundry, I needed something to help absorb all the drool and general messiness of the lil guy.  I needed a daily accessory.  I didn't think he would be down with running around in a full body bib.  That is when I thought about toddler bandanas as an option.  I use a thick organic terry cloth that is milled domestically and GOTS certified. I pair it with cotton fabrics, sometimes organic and sometimes not.

Cowl Scarves I came up with last year as we found ourselves in colder months.  I found it a struggle to get ANY layers on the kiddo before heading outdoors.  I needed something that would be warm and EASY to get on and wouldn't have to go over his head. That's when I came up with the cowl scarf.  Cozy fleece to protect against the elements that quickly snaps together for convenience.  Snaps were also nice just to keep the dang thing on.  I've recently started using some Polartec fleece, a polyester made from plastic bottles.  We have a lot of waste on this planet and if we can use a little bit of it up, I'm down.  I also use organic cotton fleece that is domestically milled and GOTS certified.  A great layer accessory to have for the whole family's cold weather wardrobe.

Art Smocks protect against the messes!  As parents, we all know just how messy kids can get and if you add in paint, markers, or anything that is gooey and wet, you will want a protective layer between the mess and the kids clothes.  I wanted an art smock that was easy to get on and and more importantly, easy to get off!  I included a pocket to catch possible debris of the wild artist.  Plus, kids just like to stuff all sorts of stuff in pockets.  I use laminated cotton that is PVC and BPA free. I seem to gravitate towards modern and whimsical prints.  I am toying around with the idea of making my own bias tape.

Cozy collars are the newest item to my line-up for the girls and ladies.  Why not add a little warmth against the chill and look super cute at the same time?  You all know how much I love snaps, so of course it snaps together.  I'm toying around with the idea of a fancier one that would have some sort of tie.  I think they look just darling over a cardigan.  Again, I use organic cotton fleece and the Polartec polyester.  I'm getting ready to try my hand at dying and have a bamboo fleece that is ohhh so silky against your skin that I would like to use in the future.  You will see those in time for Christmas!  I pair a cozy fabric with cotton, sometimes organic and sometimes not.

So ya,  a little bit about what I make for Miss Ladyfingers.  I also want this blog to be a place I can share what I make just to make.  You never quite know what my life will inspire a need for, and what I will come up with.

Stay tuned for Friday's blog post..  will be the start of many studio posts to come.  Join me as I begin to work on my future studio space.

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