Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crafty iPhone Apps for Business

So, an iPhone can do a lot of impressive things.  It kind of blows my mind really, when I think back to my teen years and and the purse phones that were all the rage.  Luckily, I was able to get my computer back just in the nick of time in order to edit photos and upload to my listings.  That also enabled me to access my files for descriptions, so I didn't have to write that out on my phone.  What I did utilize on my phone was it's camera and apps.

Looks like the camera will be in the shop until sometime next week, so looks like I am going to get even more cozy with it and explore some different camera apps.  I almost bought a lens for my iPhone but decided last minute against it.  Has anyone had any experience with any of the iPhone lenses?  I will say, it takes pretty amazing photos for a phone. I actually gave my little point-and-shoot camera away because I no longer used it.  I also probably take more videos with my iPhone versus the camcorder we have.

With all that being said, it will be nice to get the camera back from the shop because the iPhone's camera has a hard time capturing a fast moving toddler. You will find the phone becomes very warm after shooting 50 or so photos. Plus, it just isn't ergonomic.  If you are shooting over 200 photos, you don't want to be using an iPhone.  It wasn't meant to fit in your hand like a camera because it is a phone.

What I love about the iPhone for my business is the apps!  My current favorite app is Red Stamp, a modern correspondence app.  Give personalized shout outs utilizing email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram and paper mail.  Love this app for the g'parents.  Great way to send  a fun picture to the g'parents and say hi.  If you choose the Pop-Out cards and send snail mail, the picture comes off and they can do whatever g'parents do with all those pictures they get. 

I also liked Pic Stitch.  It's a great tool for a business to be able to combine photos into one framed picture.  You then could utilize Red Stamp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and email to share you photo.  It also has some very basic editing tools to get your photo looking just right.

Those are the two newest apps I found to be helpful while the computer was out of commission; along with Facebook, Blogger and Etsy apps of course.

So, I have to say that without my iPhone it would have been very difficult to have gotten everything ready for my online launch date.   Here I am, Etsy store with items, Facebook page up and running, blog has a new look AND Miss Ladyfingers is talked about in the September issue of WNC Parent.  You can check out the digital copy here.  You can find the article on page six, "Moms Who Turned Ideas into Income".  Little by little I build the foundation of my business.

What's the next step?  Working on getting my studio set up.  Stay tuned on that front as I begin that process.  Photos are sure to come.

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