Friday, August 24, 2012

Easy Reusable Roll of Cloth Towels

In the last year I have become insanely obsessed with plastic snaps.  They are cheap, come in a multitude of colors and super easy to use for numerous projects.  I use KAM snaps and you can check them out HERE.  It was no surprise that when I stumbled upon the idea of reusable roll of cloth towels that utilized snaps, I was all over it.

For my spin on the reusable roll of cloth towels, I found my inspiration at Sew a Straight Line who has a great tutorial on DIY rolled kitchen towels. You can find it HERE.   I will say, hers are sooo much prettier than mine and look super absorbent!  I also bypassed making my own cloth towels and instead found Organic Bird-E Towels at Athena Creates on Etsy, HERE.

For this Project I Gathered:

                                             * 13 Bird-E towels, washed and dried
                                             * Piece of plastic canvas
                                             * Scissors
                                             * Snaps; caps, sockets & studs
                                             * Tools for snaps
                                             * Ruler

 I was ready to get my snap on!  As you can see, so was my little helper.  I used size 20 KAM snaps and with the thinness of the fabric I should have used size 16 or maybe even 14.  Alas I do not have that size and the snaps worked, so I just went with it.  Size 20 snaps worked great on the plastic canvas.

Here is where you could use a template (like on Sew a Straight Line) to mark the spots you will be installing the snaps OR I just used my ruler and then my awl to poke the hole where I would be pushing the cap into.  For this job it sure would have been nice to have a fancy snap press, but my pliers slowly but surely got the job finished. I squeezed.. squeezed.. squeezed  all the while my wee one made a game of how many caps, sockets and studs he could push onto the floor.  That might have slowed the process down a little bit too. Hah!

From there I used a piece of plastic canvas to make a roll to snap, and then wrap my train of cloth towels around. I cut the piece of canvas to fit my new reusable cloth towels and installed my snaps.  As you can see in the photo, I have a line of three snaps keeping the roll together and two snaps that allow me to attach the paper towels.

Once finished making my roll,  I snapped a towel on the center snaps.  I continued snapping all my towels together and rolled it up, making a lovely lil roll of cloth towels.  I will probably order another 13 towels to make this roll nice and fat.  Right now our roll  has lasted us a couple of days and that is saying something in this house, or maybe it has been a cleaner couple of days?  Only time will tell.   Anyhoo..  I just hung a wet bag from a hook in the kitchen and that way you can just toss the dirty towels in,  easy peasy.

I know there was a bit of cost up front for my organic Bird-E Towels, but I can see it paying for it self quickly!  So far I've wiped up yogurt from the floor, sopped up spilled water and cleaned-up various other things; it's gotten the job done.

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  1. Sorry I'm so late on commenting on this! Your towels look fantastic. And honestly, I like the off-white, no print look better. Very clean and simple. Thanks for linking to my blog. Have a great day!