Monday, August 27, 2012

Broken Stuff & the iPhone challenge:

As I sit here writing this blog post from my iPhone, I wonder just how much can be accomplished with this device? The computer decided it didn't want to wake-up today and is currently in the shop being looked at. We shall see what the diagnosis is sometime in near future. I am really hoping for a quick fix because my Etsy shop's "grand opening" is two days away.

So that brings us back to, just how much can this fancy phone really do? Apparently I am going to give this baby a run for her money.

So far, the one thing I have found I was unable to do is create listings on Etsy. I will need to borrow someone's computer IF I can accomplish these things with my phone:

* I need to be able to take photos of new items with my iPhone. The camera is also broken and at the camera shop being fixed. I've at least had a bit of practice with this task.

* Edit photos to get them ready for Etsy. This is where I need some good recommendations for photo editing apps. Suggestions?

* I need to rewrite my item descriptions. I am probably going to use pages. Or perhaps I can dictate to Siri and then edits what she captures in Pages? I also have a Bluetooth keyboard that should connect to my iPhone.

* Manage Facebook page, which will be really easy since it is very iPhone friendly.

Oh, and it looks like I can keep posting to my blog ;) Will I be able to accomplish the rest of my task on my iPhone? Only time will tell...

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