Monday, August 27, 2012

Broken Stuff & the iPhone challenge:

As I sit here writing this blog post from my iPhone, I wonder just how much can be accomplished with this device? The computer decided it didn't want to wake-up today and is currently in the shop being looked at. We shall see what the diagnosis is sometime in near future. I am really hoping for a quick fix because my Etsy shop's "grand opening" is two days away.

So that brings us back to, just how much can this fancy phone really do? Apparently I am going to give this baby a run for her money.

So far, the one thing I have found I was unable to do is create listings on Etsy. I will need to borrow someone's computer IF I can accomplish these things with my phone:

* I need to be able to take photos of new items with my iPhone. The camera is also broken and at the camera shop being fixed. I've at least had a bit of practice with this task.

* Edit photos to get them ready for Etsy. This is where I need some good recommendations for photo editing apps. Suggestions?

* I need to rewrite my item descriptions. I am probably going to use pages. Or perhaps I can dictate to Siri and then edits what she captures in Pages? I also have a Bluetooth keyboard that should connect to my iPhone.

* Manage Facebook page, which will be really easy since it is very iPhone friendly.

Oh, and it looks like I can keep posting to my blog ;) Will I be able to accomplish the rest of my task on my iPhone? Only time will tell...

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Easy Reusable Roll of Cloth Towels

In the last year I have become insanely obsessed with plastic snaps.  They are cheap, come in a multitude of colors and super easy to use for numerous projects.  I use KAM snaps and you can check them out HERE.  It was no surprise that when I stumbled upon the idea of reusable roll of cloth towels that utilized snaps, I was all over it.

For my spin on the reusable roll of cloth towels, I found my inspiration at Sew a Straight Line who has a great tutorial on DIY rolled kitchen towels. You can find it HERE.   I will say, hers are sooo much prettier than mine and look super absorbent!  I also bypassed making my own cloth towels and instead found Organic Bird-E Towels at Athena Creates on Etsy, HERE.

For this Project I Gathered:

                                             * 13 Bird-E towels, washed and dried
                                             * Piece of plastic canvas
                                             * Scissors
                                             * Snaps; caps, sockets & studs
                                             * Tools for snaps
                                             * Ruler

 I was ready to get my snap on!  As you can see, so was my little helper.  I used size 20 KAM snaps and with the thinness of the fabric I should have used size 16 or maybe even 14.  Alas I do not have that size and the snaps worked, so I just went with it.  Size 20 snaps worked great on the plastic canvas.

Here is where you could use a template (like on Sew a Straight Line) to mark the spots you will be installing the snaps OR I just used my ruler and then my awl to poke the hole where I would be pushing the cap into.  For this job it sure would have been nice to have a fancy snap press, but my pliers slowly but surely got the job finished. I squeezed.. squeezed.. squeezed  all the while my wee one made a game of how many caps, sockets and studs he could push onto the floor.  That might have slowed the process down a little bit too. Hah!

From there I used a piece of plastic canvas to make a roll to snap, and then wrap my train of cloth towels around. I cut the piece of canvas to fit my new reusable cloth towels and installed my snaps.  As you can see in the photo, I have a line of three snaps keeping the roll together and two snaps that allow me to attach the paper towels.

Once finished making my roll,  I snapped a towel on the center snaps.  I continued snapping all my towels together and rolled it up, making a lovely lil roll of cloth towels.  I will probably order another 13 towels to make this roll nice and fat.  Right now our roll  has lasted us a couple of days and that is saying something in this house, or maybe it has been a cleaner couple of days?  Only time will tell.   Anyhoo..  I just hung a wet bag from a hook in the kitchen and that way you can just toss the dirty towels in,  easy peasy.

I know there was a bit of cost up front for my organic Bird-E Towels, but I can see it paying for it self quickly!  So far I've wiped up yogurt from the floor, sopped up spilled water and cleaned-up various other things; it's gotten the job done.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Owning Your Own Business

The fun and challenging part of owning my own crafting business is that I get to try on different roles in order to meet the needs of my business. Today I tried my hand at product photography. This particular role is very challenging for me because I don't have a great deal of experience with a camera, at least not yet.

What I thought was going to be an easy enough day taking photos became a little more challenging when I find out the nice camera isn't working.  Turns out it needs to be fixed and is now in the shop.  So, I need to get photos taken because I have a deadline for myself to get a certain amount of my handcrafted goods stocked in my Etsy store.  What's a lady supposed to do in a situation like this?  Well, turns out my iPhone takes pretty good pictures.  Not an easy camera to work with when you have to take a GAZILLION photo and it doesn't zoom.  It worked though, surprisingly so.  

Now that I have a decent batch of photos to work with, I have one less hurdle to clear as I begin to venture into the world of online sales.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Figuring Stuff Out

FYI: This is a work in progress. I am on the verge of getting everything up and going. Please be patient with me as I get the nuts and bolts figured out. The above picture is a taste of possible things to come. Thank you fair ladies and gents.

And So It Begins

My name is Amanthus and I am the owner of Miss Ladyfingers. I am a creative lady living in a house with four guys; a mad fermented foods scientist husband-to-be, an introspective seventeen year old embarking on his last year of high school, a ever curious two year old and our saintly dog Granger.

We live on our work-in-progress urban homestead with chickens, veggie garden, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and various medicinal plants. We are trying to figure out how to preserve all of that to last year round. Well, not the chickens so much. We just eat less eggs in the winter. I dream of solar power, grey water systems, a goat, passive lighting and a bigger pantry... oh my dream list can go on and on. I'm a DIYer and I am just trying to figure out how to squeeze all my daily projects into one day. Most days I don't!

I make beautiful and practical handcrafted products with the Earth and environment in my heart. Being creative with my hands is deeply satisfying, while allowing for flexibility to balance family life. Life inspired, handcrafted goods. Also keeps this lady sane.

This blog is a place I will be documenting my creative journey and links to places I find inspiration. I hope you will join me.